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Wedding Drapery

Pipe and Drape & Backdrops

Our backdrops and drapes are meticulously designed to meet our client’s needs. Having an elegant, nicely draped backdrop draws attention to your space and enhances the look of your event. Our drapes are airy, high quality fire retardant fabrics, and statement pieces for your next event. Installations are available up to 20 FT high.

Indoor & Outdoor Canopy

Whether you are an Event Planner or planning your own DIY draping or decor for your wedding, having a ceremony canopy creates a beautiful setting that elevates your ceremony or reception. Our wedding canopy includes options embellished with luxurious floral designs, chandeliers and crystal accents.

Wall-to-Wall Draping

 In addition to being a statement piece, full room or partial wall draping adds volume and character to your space. We offer different design concepts and assist with choosing the right design that compliments your vision for your event.

Ceiling Draping & Installations

Ceiling draping and elaborate installations add a flare of grandeur to your event! We offer linear, symmetric and full starburst ceiling draping that can be enhanced with a variety of accent decor such as lighting, crystal embellishments, and chandeliers to give your event a luxurious look.

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frequently asked questions

What are your prices/rates?

We offer competitive pricing and package options depending on the dimension of your space. Our boutique-style service, quality drapes, and all-inclusive design packages sets us apart from our competitors (i.e. our custom backdrop packages start at $500). We strive to give our clients flexibility and a hassle-free experience to meet their draping needs.

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Yes, we offer site visits. Our draping consultants are available to travel to your event space and get proper measurements prior to your event. We offer site visits to assist our clients with room measurements, structural issues, and address any barrels that may interfere with the overall appearance of your space.

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Yes, we do offer draping setup and breakdown options on all our services. Mileage, surcharge, and logistic fees apply.

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We do offer event and draping lighting options to enhance the look of your space. Contact us for our draping and lighting packages.

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What height options are available for pipes & drapes?

Our backdrops and wall-to wall draping extend up to 20FT high. We do offer a variety of options between 6 ft to 20ft high.

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One of the most important factors of getting an accurate quote is to know the dimensions and square footage of your space (Length x Width). Our draping calculator allows us to determine the right measurements and effectively provide the right quote.

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What are the types of drapes and colors you offer?

Our most popular fabrics are:
    • White sheer voile
    • Ivory sheer voile
    • Gold crushed sheer voile and
    • Blush crushed sheer voile

We also provide assorted and accent drapes in black, red, and gold satin velour, white and gold taffeta drapes.

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Do you offer rental options?

Yes, we do have rental options for uplighting, and pipe and drapes. A security deposit is required for all rentals services.

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What is your damage policy?

We STRONGLY advise that you handle all drapes and hardware with care. Per the terms of our contract, the client is FULLY responsible for all damages to our drapes, hardware and accessories. Our drapes are carefully inspected prior to each event and after all rentals.

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